Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

New steam turbine components such as diaphragms, control valve discs and blade rings aren't typically sold to customers with manufacturing prints. If replacing one of these very complex parts becomes necessary, your fastest and least-expensive option may likely be to have us reverse engineer the component. This service is not new to us. We've earned a notable reputation as masters of this process through many years of  successfully replicating parts for which customers had no original prints.

Our procedure begins by identifying the exact material(s) that comprise the component using a Niton Analyzer, hardness checks and microstructure analysis (when applicable.) Dimensional data is captured, documented, and then verified using a combination of Faro Arm measurements, point cloud data, and calibrated hand tools.  Dimensional data is converted by Engineering into a 3D CAD model and a formal set of preliminary drawings. The accuracy of the computer model and drawings is confirmed by a QC inspector who compares them (again) against the physical dimensions of the part using a second (different) set of calibrated hand tools. The verified computer model and drawing are then released to manufacturing, becoming the basis for all necessary programing for the computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining process. 

Consider calling us to discuss some general lead-times, material availability, and our current manufacturing load before you place an order for a new component with the OEM. You will be pleasantly surprised with our manufacturing knowledge and experience. You will certainly also find the discussion informative and our pricing competitive. 

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