A Secure & Comfortable Guest Work Area

Working Customer Visits

Customers may spend days (or even weeks) at our shop conducting "project surveillance and reporting" while work is being conducted on their equipment. If it is your responsibility to track progess on a project at K Machine then you will need quiet office space, where you can work comfortably, without the interruptions and distractions sometimes encountered while working on the shop floor.

Our customer work area is located on the second story of our shop, directly above our Shipping & Receiving department.  This area provides many of the common amenities you will require to remain productive in your normal business duties while visiting.  Once you arrive at K Machine you will be provided with a temporary security badge.  The badge allows you 24 hour access to our employee parking area where you will find several dedicated "Guest Parking" spots.  You are supplied with a multi-digit code that allows you access to the customer work area via a secure keypad, enabling you to leave your belongings overnight if desired.  

Within the work area, you will find comfortable accommodations to include; a speaker phone with conference calling capabilities, secure internet access and a wireless printer with supplies, a conference table for private meetings and six pre-supplied work stations containing a chair, desk, USB charging ports, pens, paper and other common amenities. Additionally, supplies of snacks, a high definition 60" cable television, refreshments, and private bathroom are all contained within this area. 

We feel it is important to provide accommodations where customers can work in a secure, private and comfortable environment while visiting our facility.  Our customer area was created specifically to meet these objectives. We believe you will grow to appreciate this area while working from K Machine.