K Machine specializes in full-service, turnkey, gearbox repair and maintenance.

Service & Maintenance

Gearboxes are designed for a multitude of diverse industrial applications; from shearing hot steel to driving a long process-line in paper mills. Based on the application of the gearbox, maintenance issues generally fall into predictable categories. Proper calibration, routine (route) monitoring and servicing greatly reduce unexpected downtime. However, when repairs suddenly become necessary it can be a challenge to find a knowledgeable, full-service, "truly turnkey" provider that can respond immediately. 

K Machine specializes in full-service, turnkey, gearbox repair for steel mills, pulp and paper mills and mining operations among other industries. In addition to our fulltime staff of experienced gear technicians, we also offer on-site disassembly / re-assembly, on-site machining, mobile cranes, transport (and permitting), millwrights, certified welders, CNC machining, parts supply and manufacturing.  We conduct an alignment of components, a no-load spin test and calibration of your gearbox following re-assembly as a standard procedure. 

K Machine is distinctly experienced in the refurbishment of large crop shears (rotary shears) up to 75,000 lbs. and our mobile crane capacity exceeds 250 tons. We service all major brand-names such as Falk, Hansen, PIV, Lufkin and Horsburgh & Scott. 

K Machine is unique in our ability to provide NEW gears, which are cut by our partner, IDC Industries (Industrial Drive Components), located in Detroit. K Machine is the "Southeast Service Center" for IDC customers located in the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and the greater southern region of the United States.

For customers who own spare gearboxes, we provide climate-controlled, long-term storage (fluid /seals and shaft prep, quarterly rotation & monitoring) as well as 24 hour, expedited shipping of any inventory item on demand.