Manufactured or Fabricated Custom Parts

Industrial Parts Manufacturing

K Machine is highly-diversified within the areas of parts manufacturing and fabrication. We produce large volumes of custom-designed, CNC manufactured, components for many industries around the US. Our peak seasons are during the fall and spring, when the majority of our machines are often running at near capacity with turbine-related projects.  During non-peak periods our shop is filled with a constant flow of ever-changing manufacturing and component fabrication projects. 

Most of the manufacturing projects we encounter involve the production of a single, large industrial component.  Sometimes our customer may be a food processing facility that needs a new 30 foot auger. The next project might involve a paper mill in need of a 10-ton stub-shaft for their de-barking drum. The list of unique and complicated items that we produce as a "one off manufacturer" is extensive and impressive. 

But not every project involves the production of a single large industrial component produced under emergency circumstances.  Some of our best customers are those for whom we produce a consistent stream of semi-finished smaller goods.  These semi-finished components, the majority of which are produced within extremely tight tolerances, are eventually used in the automotive, marine or the aerospace industry.  

We record more than 2,000 custom projects each year. Some of our biggest customers are names that you know; names recognized by their internationally know branding.

How have we become so successful? We are consistent, reliable, and we pay attention to the details.  We have grown this area of our business by personal referrals and by building upon our reputation for quality. We are also a certified ISO 9001: 2115 business. Our doors are open for your shop surveillance or quality audit team at all times. We encourage you to ask us for a quote the next time you have the need for the production of CNC machined parts. We'd love to show you some of the projects in our very broad-based portfolio.

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