Mobile Machining Centers

On-Site Machining Centers

Turbine outages commonly involve the need to immediately make or repair an endless list of small and medium-size metal components. Typically, a project manager working on site for the utility may send out a dozen or more requests for quote (RFQs) per day for the production or repair of miscellaneous parts.  These parts are usually needed as soon as possible. The cost of expedited production and "hot-shot shipping" the parts to site can become a major portion of the total bill. In many cases, having experienced on-site machinists (working within an on-site machine shop) is a cost-effective option worth considering.

For customers who would like to take advantage of this cost-saving convenience, we offer our "Mobile Machining Centers." These 53" or 48" machining centers are custom-built, self-contained, portable and fully outfitted with your power plant outage in mind.  Our 48' Machining Centers also have a critical lift plan and load-test certified hardware. Our machining centers are available for rent by the week or month and must include a day-shift Machining Supervisor and night-shift lead machinist.

Our machining centers vary slightly in design and tooling (customized for customer workscope needs) but generally arrive equipped with:

  • Dedicated Tractor / Mill and Lathe with Digital Readout
  • Bench Grinder / Band Saw / Metal Cabinetry & Bench Workspace
  • Flammables Cabinet / Air Conditioned / Electric Heat
  • Personal Protective Equipment – Harnesses, Lanyards, Etc. 
  • Racked Inventory of Assorted of Steel / Air Compressor
  • Sand Blasting Cabinet / Tooling / Consumables
  • I-Beam Steel Cutting & Mounting Bench
  • ½ Ton Gantry Crane & ½ Ton Hoist
  • Dedicated 350 LX Miller GTAW/ MSAW Welding Machine
  • Power Requirements (Provided by Customer): 480V – 3 Phase – 100 Amp
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