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On-Site Machine Shops

During a steam turbine outage there is a seemingly endless list of medal components that are discovered in need of repair.  Inspections often concluded that many parts can be saved and re-installed if minor repairs and precise machining adjustments are made to critical fits. Many other systems within the power plant are also undergoing major overhauls during the turbine outage. As a consequence, the power plant's machine shop can easily become overwhelmed with projects. Many machining tasks can fall into the outage's critical path, potentially delaying progress on the turbine deck until completed.  

Hiring skilled field machinists as "turbine outage support"can greatly reduce machining-related bottlenecks along the critical path.  The use of on-site machinists also greatly reduces the paperwork and manpower needed to outsource emergent work.  K Machine maintains an inventory of mobile machine shops designed just for the purpose of  adressing the around-the-clock machining activities that occur on the turbine deck. For customers hiring a day shift Superintendent and a night shift Lead Machinist, the rental of our machine shop is waived (free).  Otherwise, standard rental rates apply if only one machinist is required. Machine shop provision is based on availability, which is limited during peak outage seasons. 

Our machine shops are constructed within a standard 10' x 20' shipping container.  Each shop contains a mill, a lathe, bench grinder, portable band saw and belt sander. Wall and floor-mounted cabinetry contain PPE, various electric and hand tools as well as consumables. Shops contain a rail-mounted 1/2 ton gantry crane and hoist as well as a bench and tool-post mounted grinder.  All units have AC, heat, ample counter space and small appliances for convenience. 

Our Superintendent's pack their own personal tool cabinets which are shipped inside the shop.  Cabinets typically contain the following items but additional items are supplied as per the customer's workscope: 

  • First Aid Kit / Fire Extinguisher / Lighting & Electrical Equipment
  • Air Lines & Fittings / PPE / C- Clamps / Pistol Drill & Indexes / Chop Saw
  • Mag Drill / Rigid Drives / 2’ Level / Files / ID Mics / Grease Gun / Shim Pack
  • Grinders – Side, Bench, Pencil, Angle, Straight, Die, etc. 

All of our on-site machines shops require direct wire of 480 Volt - 3 Phase - 60 Amps. Electrician and power is supplied on site by the customer.

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