Industrial Centrifugal Pumps, Pump Skids & Replacement Pump Parts

Pumps, Rebuilds & Component Replacement

Our pump division, Pump Components was founded in 1980. It produces complete centrifugal pumps and pump systems most commonly used in Paper Mills, Chemical Plants, Power Plants and Mines.

Our pump designs directly replace OEM models such as the Goulds 3196, Durco Mark III, Gorman Rupp T and Super T and Warman AH Pumps. ™

We also keep an extensive inventory of replacement parts for these models and brands for quick delivery.

Pump Components has full and direct access to all resources within K Machine, such as CNC machining and welding. Our pump division's General Manager, Mike Allison has over 30 years of experience as a pump specialist.

Our staff of pump technicians, sales associates and machinists work exclusively on providing high quality pumps, pump systems and pump parts that pass rigorous QC standards.

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Mike Allison, General Manager of Pump Components
Office: 912-233-7867 / Mobile: 912-398-7328