Faster, Cheaper & Ruggedized Diaphragm Manufacturing

Diaphragm Manufacturing

Unquestionably, K Machine is best known for its ability to rapidly manufacture large steam turbine diaphragms. We are the only known independent manufacturer in the world that can produce steam turbine diaphragms on a short-cycle basis. Our "Ruggedized Design" provides extra creep resistance and reduces long-term concerns over dishing.

Typically, a customer will call us during an outage after they have discovered a damaged diaphragm.  The diaphragm is received at our facility and immediately reverse engineered. Data is then converted to a model, which in turn is later used for CNC machine programming. Recommendations for improvements in materials and mechanical integrity are discussed with the customer. 

Materials are then ordered while we begin manufacture of new airfoils from bar stock. The inner web, outer ring is machined to size, and spacer bands are manufactured to accept the airfoils.  Once all three of these main components are manufactured they are precisely positioned and welded together using a sub-arc welding process. Various heat treatments, quality inspections and data collection is conducted throughout the process.

Manufacturing time varies depending upon the size of the diaphragm, the materials needed in manufacturing and the urgency of completion.  However, we can usually, if required, complete a project in 30-45 days from receipt. Also see our page on Pressure Plate Manufacturing. For more information please contact Reginald Cavinder (Manufacturing Manager) or Ross Randall  (Operations Manager) at 912-236-5411.