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Dished Diaphragm Repair

Dished diaphragms have become a major concern for utilities who own turbines that are prone to this issue. Dishing is caused by creep of the weldment between the steam path, inner web and outter ring. When creep occurs, the web and packing gradually migrate downstream, potentially resulting in a hard rub against the rotor.

Creep is temperature and time dependent but also greatly effected by stress levels and the creep strength of the weld materials. Welding procedures and fabrication techniques also contribute greatly to the structural strength of the diaphragm and its susceptibility to creep. The first few diaphragms in the HP and Reheat turbine are at greater risk.

K Machine was among the first companies in the world to ever successfully repair a badly dished turbine diaphragm. Today, we are among a very small group of companies who can successfully complete these repairs efficiently. Because of our experience we are also most-often the lowest-cost provider of these repairs. 

Dishing repairs can usually be performed at a fraction of the cost of manufacturing a new diaphragm.  The dished diaphragm repair process is the subject of a presentation we conduct one-on-one or via GoToMeeting (webinar) with clients. This forum allows your engineers to ask questions directly to our team members and helps everyone to understand both the issues as well as all optional solutions. 

For more information or to arrange for a presentation on this subject please contact Ross Randall (Operations Manager) at 912-210-6825.