Westinghouse Governor Valve Seat Repair

Governor Valve Seat Repair

Large steam turbine valve chests designed by Westinghouse contain numerous integral horizontal valve seats (usually 3-4 per chest). Periodically, replacing these seats becomes necessary which is a major, critical-path project.  The seats are located at the bottom of the valve chest, horizontally, in a row, and spaced evenly apart.  They are welding into the chest and therefore can't be removed without machining.

When the valve bonnets are removed to gain access to the seats, it is often determined that weld repair and machining of the seal face between the chest and the bonnet's flange is required. A flex-gasket upgrade is sometimes beneficial, involving coordination between engineers on-site and welders and machinists at the vendor's shop. Often, bushings that guide the valve stem and help to properly seat the valve disc need to be replaced and/or require welding and machining to assure a proper alignment and mating of the disc-to-seat. Engineers with experience and knowledge of these repairs must be involved at several levels.

These projects require a large commitment of resources for everyone.  Turbine owners may seek out the OEM to do this work and pay a significant premium "for OEM experience." However, K Machine employs engineers, machinists, and welders who have been conducting these repairs throughout their entire careers. You can speak with our previous customers about their experience hiring K Machine to conduct these complicated repairs.  We would love the opportunity to discuss our repair techniques with you and to walk your engineers through our repair process.  We offer Inconel or 410 base and Stellite 6 inlay options. Our pricing is highly competitive. To arrange a meeting on this topic, please contact Ross Randall (Operations Manager) at 912-210-6825.