Steam Turbine Valve Refurbishment

Turbine Valve Refurbishment

Steam turbine high-pressure valves come in many sizes and configurations. It's critical that the vendor servicing your valves is familiar with the specific maintenance issues associated with your valve design. Likewise, having supporting technical information that allows the vendor to reference OEM part numbers, suggested upgrades, and the history of reported operating issues is all part of building a reliable maintenance regiment. 

K Machine's turbine valve department works almost exclusively on steam turbine high-pressure valves. We employ a senior-level valve engineer with over 30 years of experience at servicing turbine valves just like yours. We also maintain a full-time staff of supporting valve technicians whose only function is to refurbish high-pressure steam turbine valves and valve components. We have extensive experience refurbishing all the major nomenclatures of GE, Westinghouse and Mitsubishi turbine valves.  

In addition, we maintain detailed records of your valve's maintenance history. This includes OEM suggested Technical Information Letters (TILs) and Operational Maintenance Memo (OMMs), available upgrades to materials and to the valve's design. For customers with spare bonnets, we offer a "swap-out" program.  We refurbish and can store your bonnets until you are ready for us to ship them to site during your  next outage, thereby eliminating all inventory concerns.

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