Providing a Full Range of Industrial, Commercial and Retail Cutting Services


MACS Waterjet operates three high-pressure machines which deliver precision cuts on parts, components, and finished items ranging from 1/2 inch in diameter up to 8' X 12'. We can work with virtually any materials including steel, stainless, aluminum, lead, titanium, inconel, phenolic, plastic, rubber, foam, wood, marble, granite and glass.


  • Industrial: Plates, flanges, gussets, sprockets, brackets, etc.
  • Specialty Tools: Sockets, wrenches, spanners
  • Gaskets
  • Signs: Restaurants, businesses, neighborhoods, etc.
  • Artwork and Novelty: Logo cutouts, bottle openers, oyster knives
  • No Heat Affected AreaPrevents material compromise and hardening that occur with other methods.
  • Enviro-Friendly Process: Generates no gases or expended heat common with cutting alternatives.