We continuously strive to improve our business with the goal of adding value for our customers.


Since 1979, MacAljon has been building two things: a superior product and a stellar reputation. Our marketing team resides in the plants of the customers we serve. We depend on them to apply a critical eye to our workmanship and pass along the positive reviews to their co-workers and industry peers.

Because of our long standing relationships with many of our customers, we come to know their operations almost as well as they do. You don't just see us when there's a problem. We participate from engineering, through design and prototyping, to installation, through testing, to continuous maintenance and shut-downs. We make it our business to understand yours...production cycles, operating parameters, outputs goals and most importantly, the consequences of unplanned down time.

We offer our customers without reservation

  • A commitment to work with you in partnership
  • A quality job that matches your needs every time
  • On time delivery at a reasonable price
  • Professional capabilities to respond to normal and unexpected circumstances
  • The safest and best trained work force available
  • Quick response times for emergency work, day or night


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